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Lexington Law is a credit repair company that boasts an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau, which speaks volumes to new clients. It lets potential clients know that they have been in business a long time… Licensed paralegals available 7 days a week.


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Ryan H.

They did what I expected them to do and did it quick! Within a month, the incorrect records on my credit were removed and my score moved above 750 from the high 600s. I hung on for a month or two, then canceled as the job was done. I would recommend Lexington Law any day to anyone! I may not suggest holding on to the service after your credit has been fixed, but they were really great and easy to work with. Thank you Lexington Law!


William G.

At first it started good and my scores started getting a little better but it seemed the longer i was with them the less that they doing it was like that they were getting free money so i had to quit because i feel that they could have did a lot better for the amount of money i had paid them.


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Lexington Law annoys me

Aug 13, 2013 by Cristy S.

This company annoys me. First, a cheesy guy calls me out of nowhere to try and recruit me for their service. I really don't like getting calls like this where people just want to sell me something. The person is very persistent and annoying but considering that I am new to the country and would like to be able to have a credit card, I very reluctantly agree to sign up just because he tells me that they can make it possible for me to get a credit card. Almost one year later, I got a credit card because I went on creditkarma and clicked one of the available options suggested for me considering my lack of credit history and was able to successfully apply. Why didn't Lexington Law just suggest I do that from the start? I had no idea how I was to go about building credit and they promised all of this amazing coaching and help and yet did nothing. I was paying for their service because I wanted them also to remove one negative item from my credit report. It was successful for two of the three credit bureaus, however Experian are not very responsive. I am still waiting for them to remove the negative item that apparently Lexington has challenged about five times. I find it difficult to navigate their website and my client dashboard. The people on the phone give conflicting information. It is annoying how I continually had to call them to follow up with what was happening with my case. People would promise me calls back and not actually call me. When you send emails with your concerns you get back what feels like an automated reply that is not from a real person. I feel like I have wasted so much money on this service. I know what I need to do to build my credit now and that is to continue using my credit card and making payments on time. I am sad that the one negative item on my Experian report may never be removed but in the end I am probably wasting more money trying to get Lexington to remove it than I am if I just stopped caring. So, I will cancel my subscription to Lexington. And next time I will stay firm with my gut feeling of not signing up for things when people call you out of the blue and annoyingly persuade you to sign up.

Excellent Service

Jun 08, 2013 by Lorenzo G.

I called, because I kept seeing the Lexington Law link on the Credit Karma app, and finally decided to call and inquire.  Ryan was very helpful on the phone, and he transitioned me to Lacy, who was very helpful in advising what process Lexington will take to assist me in further improving my credit.  I am very glad I had done this because looking at their stats, they are the largest A+ credit repair firm in the Nation, endorsed by BBB.  I will be referring all my clients that need to credit guidance and repair to them from now on.  A+++ service for Lacy who went above and beyond!

Marc was great!

Dec 05, 2012 by Amanda W.

Just as the person below i was skeptical about how anyone could improve my credit score. I just signed up with Lexington Law so i cant say whether or not it will effect my credit score. What i do know is the customer service at this law firm is impeccable. I wish i could remember his last name but i spoke with a "Marc". He was very pleasant, knowledgeable, and made me feel like i am putting my credit in the right hands. He was friendly and comfortable to talk to. He made me feel like i was priority and did not put me on hold once, as we spoke for a good 20 min. I am very interested in seeing how this firm repairs my credit. So far, i would recommend them to anyone solely based on customer service! Thanks Lexington Law!

Never got credit report

Nov 08, 2012 by Libralion12

rip off I never got my credit report in the mail.I got charged on my credit card without my approval by Randy. must be the Utah air.

Huge Skeptic!

Jan 08, 2012 by Matt B.

I was hugely skeptical of "credit repair" in general and even more so by Lexington law's claims of being able to remove negative items from my report.  However, after being a customer for 4 months, I've had 3 negative items removed from all 3 bureaus (including a collection), and my credit score went from 590 to 685 today.  While critics may point out that Lexington Law does nothing magical that you can't do yourself, I'd say the value they deliver for the money is way beyond what I expected.  Their customer service, in my experience, was refreshingly pleasant.  They were responsive to any request for information I've made.  In fact, I'd consider their customer facing departments to be the icing on the cake. The few hundred dollars I've spent on this service is eclipsed many times over by the cost savings of refinancing my car loan/ credit cards based on a good credit score vs. very bad. Highly recommended.

Lexington Law Reviews , USA 3.6 5.0 21 21 I signed up with LL about six months ago. My score was around 560 and is now 709 (TU), 670 (EQ). My score has increased by 77 points. LL has worked hard and removed 24 negative ite

Lexington Law – Our Review

Now that you’ve read a few reviews of Lexington Law, here’s our take. Your credit score is serious business, and a low score can be incredibly damaging—you’re wise to be doing research into credit repair companies. You have a lot at stake, and you deserve to know if hiring Lexington Law is a good investment.

Hopefully you find this review helpful. Let’s take a look at some of Lexington Law’s pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of Working with Lexington Law

When it comes to repairing your credit, you have a few options. First, you can wait it out, which could take years before your credit improves, and it may even get worse. Second, you can contact the various credit reporting agencies and try to improve it yourself, which takes a lot of work and perseverance. Finally, you can hire a credit repair company to do that for you.



Lexington Law is one of many credit repair companies, and here are a few advantages they offer over their competition.


  • Lexington Law employs attorneys and paralegals to work on your case
  • They are an actual law firm specializing in credit issues
  • Expertise, with over 20 years in business
  • Free initial consultation
  • Affordable at as low as $59.95 a month


When you consider that a bad score can cost you thousands of dollars in things like higher interest rates and reduced job opportunities, then you can see how Lexington Law can actually save you money in the long run. But their services aren’t ideally suited to everyone—here are a few reasons they might not be an ideal fit.


  • Their grace period for refunds is relatively short (typically 5 days from the initial billing date)
  • Although affordable, they aren’t the cheapest option for credit repair
  • They don’t offer any guarantees that your credit score will improve

Working with Lexington Law

The fact that Lexington Law doesn’t offer a guarantee that your credit score will improve actually points to their honesty. It’s true—sometimes negatives on your credit score are completely legitimate and can’t be removed by any extraordinary measures. Everyone’s situation is different, and so you should always go in with realistic expectations.

The real value of Lexington Law comes from their expertise as a law firm. If they can find a legitimate way to improve your score, they will. Many times it’s something you could have done yourself, but do you have the time and energy to do all the necessary research and follow up necessary?

In reality, you won’t be able to find a more established and respected credit repair company. At over 20 years in business, they have a long track history of resolving credit issues for their clients. And it’s free to get an initial consultation and review of your credit summary—which is conducted over the phone with a paralegal.

Common Complaints

A large amount of negative reviews exist for Lexington Law. Some of the most common complaints include:

  • Pushy sales tactics
  • Billing issues
  • Failure to honor service estimates

The sheer volume of complaints can be daunting—but Lexington Law has worked hard to resolve every single complaint. For example, the Better Business Bureau has received 541 complaints since 2010 regarding Lexington Law. Lexington Law responded to every complaint, sometimes with very detailed responses and often offering refunds. Of the 541 complaints, 526 were resolved to the satisfaction of the client.

It’s easy to ignore the thousands of anonymous clients who have benefited from Lexington Law’s services when a few disgruntled customers are so vocal in expressing their dissatisfaction. But even unhappy customers deserve to be heard, and Lexington Law has gone to great efforts to address their concerns.

When Lexington Law Can Help the Most
  • If your credit report contains discrepancies and inaccuracies (i.e. legitimate errors), then you deserve to have them removed and Lexington Law may be able to help radically improve your score.
  • If your credit report is suffering from some poor choices you made in the past, Lexington Law may be able to help—but don’t expect dramatic improvements.
How to Have a Better Experience with Lexington Law

As long as you have realistic expectations going in, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t benefit from Lexington Law’s services. Do your research, take advantage of the free consultation, and if you decide that you don’t need to hire Lexington Law, then that’s OK.

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