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Here you’ll find reviews from a wide range of past and present Lexington Law clients. Some reviewers reported having their credit scores jump over 100 points in just a few months, and other reviews were less than positive. Remember that many people write reviews on Yelp only when they have a bad experience. Credit repair won’t work for everyone; read people’s stories and come to your own conclusion.

OH MY GAD!!! Update!!! OK, when i re-signed up after my 2 month break, within a week, I got updates that 2 more things had been removed from my credit report. I guess things had been taken off from the letters they sent out before I stopped the service and they couldnt update me since I was not a member for those 2 months. Well, got another little jump in my credit score! Then THIS MORNING! I get a text that somethign has been removed again. And guess what. It was one of the BIG ones, the one that I had been hoping and hoping and hoping would fall off. It fell off my equifax report, (hoping it will follow suit on the other 2) and i went and checked… my equifax and fico score both jumped 53 and 49 points, respectively. YAY!!!! i think my score is high enough to qualify for the southwest airlines credit card which I’ve been DYING to get since I travel so much. YAY!!!!! I love lexington law. If they get sallie mae to correct the error (this one actually is sallie mae error and not from me being irresponsible) then I’m probably going to pass out.


Monica F.

Los Angeles, CA

I just signed up for their services they were very understanding and clear on what they will do for me as of right now I have 100% confidence in Lexington law .. I’ll update in a few months to give a finial rebuttal
Thanks Richard !!


Joshua M.

Montclair, CA

Three important points: 1. yes, the process works, at least initially.; 2. after most of the repair is done they start dragging their feet and the only efficient work is billing you; 3. try to make them stop charging your account is a dragged-out and so far fruitless process.


Ana B.

Sherman Oaks, CA

Great results! I messed up my credit when I was young and had a lot of negative items on my credit file and Lexington was able to contact companies that marked my report and take care of them. I’m glad there is someone out there who can help me with this type of thing, I had no idea how to repair my credit. I never thought I would be able to get a car loan but I did. Even through the holiday season when I was strapped for cash they worked with me on payments. I would definitely recommend.


Alex R.

Littleton, CO

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