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Top 5 Credit Repair Companies Reviews

Top 5 Credit Repair Companies rates Lexington Law as the #1 option for credit repair in the country, due in large part to Lexington Law’s advanced web based user platform and use of attorneys and paralegals. While this site presents only positive reviews, it does allow you to compare Lexington Law side by side with other top credit repair companies.

I had my credit hacked and I lost everything. Since I don’t work I can’t get my credit fixed. Lexington Law was able to work with me and my creditors and get me out of debt and back on my feet.

Roger Reed

Man was I mad. I had a date with my girl and we were going to go for a fun night, but I didn’t have any cash. I tried to use my card, but it got declined. So I went to a payday place and I got denied. Why? My credit sucked basically. Talk about a turn off and it ruined the night. I called Lexington Law and they got on the phones right away and helped me get my credit repaired and back on track too. Good thing they did, because my girl is now pregnant and I’m glad I got good credit so I can get us a house.


When I heard about Lexington Law, I thought they were like any other credit repair company. Boy was I wrong! They not only helped me fix my credit, but made sure that I was taken care of too. Thanks Lexington Law!

Timmy Miller

When I started dating my wife, I had no intention of getting married and when I started thinking about things, I was curious to how my credit looked. I went and did some checking and I was in pretty bad shape. I started to worry that I wasn’t going to be able to get a house, or if need be a second car. I was really scared that I was going to end up being in the singles boat for a long time. Then someone told me about Lexington Law. They told me that they had been in really bad shape and that Lexington Law helped them to get out of the mess they had created. So figured I would go ahead and give them a try. I had tried other companies, but none of them worked. Lexington Law worked with me to get things fixed and to help repair my credit. Thankfully my wife now said yes to me when I proposed and two years later we needed to move into a home as we had our first child. I upgraded to a minivan and none of this would have been possible with my bad credit then. Not only did Lexington Law help me get my credit back in good standing, but I think they helped me get the girl of my dreams too!

Gomer Hicks

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