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Original Question: Does anyone have information or has used Lexington Law Credit repair services?

I did and after reading an article online i decided to go for it. It was the best thing ever, no contracts, its cheap and it worked for me.

Mike G

Lexington law is a sub company of ASG. The people selling you the Lexington law packages do not work for Lexington Law they work for a teleservices contracted out by Lexington Law. Lexington Law is a member of the BBB but chances are that the call center that is hired by them to sell the service is not very great. They may tell you that they do not have a contract but have you agree to a retainer agreement which is a contract. They might have you agree to said contract without having you read it or having it read to you. Beware of this company and any other company related to ASG.

Dru S

They rock! They charge you monthly so you can cancel once your credit is fixed. They work fast and they are the largest in the nation. They ONLY do credit repair services, nothing else.


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