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How Much Does Credit Repair Cost?

How Much Does Credit Repair Cost?

If you’ve already asked yourself these four questions before hiring a credit repair company, then your next question might be about cost. Obviously, if you hire an expert to conduct a service for you, you don’t expect them to do it for free – but how much can you reasonably expect to pay for a credit repair company to go to work improving your credit score?

The answer is: it depends on the company. Let’s break down the pricing options for 3 of the top, and most respected, credit repair companies, but first:

Don’t Forget You Have the Option of DIY Credit Repair – Free of Charge (not counting postage stamps)

When it comes down to it, there’s always DIY Credit repair, which only costs some free time and postage (you’ll be mailing a lot of letters). If you like to take matters into your own hands, and you’re motivated enough to stick with it for months on end, then this may be the best option (it’s certainly the cheapest).

Cost of Hiring a Credit Repair Company

Maybe you’re not too excited about going the DIY route, and you want to know the cost of hiring a professional credit repair company. Most companies will charge you a monthly fee as well as an initial startup fee. You’ll need several months before you start to see positive results, but the amount of time required depends mostly on your individual credit situation.

Here’s the basic pricing information for 3 of the top credit repair companies:

SkyBlue Credit Repair

Price: $59 setup fee, $59 monthly (or $99 for couples).

Price: $89.95 a month, with no initial fee.

Lexington Law (read our review)

Price: $79.95 a month, with a $99.95 setup fee.  They also offer discounts for “Family and Friends”

Always Ask for a Free Consultation Before Handing Over Money to a Credit Repair Company

Any reputable credit repair company will offer a free credit consultation, so take full advantage of this initial interaction. And remember: you have credit rights, so use them to raise your score!

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