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Where to Find Your Credit Score and Credit Report

Where to Find Your Credit Score and Credit Report

There are many places where you can get your credit score and credit report for free. Here’s a breakdown of the best.

The first step to improving your credit score is to know what your credit score is in the first place. Each of the three credit bureaus is required by law to give you one free credit report per year, but they don’t have to give you your actual score for free. Often you will be charged $15 or more for access to your score, but there are many websites and companies out there who will promise to give you your credit score for free (usually as part of a free trial).

To help you decide the best way to access your credit score and credit reports, here are 4 of the top companies offering free scores and reports:

Annual Credit Report .com is the official website authorized by the federal government where you can get your free annual credit reports. However, you can only get one free credit report per credit bureau, per year, and it doesn’t include your actual credit score. Thankfully, there are other ways to access your credit score for free.

If all you are looking for is your credit score, then you’ll get it and a little more for free at You’ll get your Experian score along with some free score analysis. Additionally, you won’t have to provide any credit card information and you won’t be signing up for a free trial period (so you don’t have to worry about getting automatically charged). offers several paid products and services, including pre-paid credit cards and credit monitoring. However, you can continue to get your Experian score for free every month without ever paying for their other services.

My Free Score Now

With you can your credit score right off the bat with their free 7-day trial. Keep in mind that you’ll need to cancel within the first 7 days, or you’ll automatically get charged $29.95 for their monthly membership. Included in their membership is:

  • Personalized monthly credit reports, breaking down factors affecting your score
  • Monthly credit tracking, to help guard you against identity theft
  • Email alerts if anything new significantly affects your score
  • Updated score each month also offers a free 7-day trial membership, during which you will receive just your TransUnion credit score (you will have monitoring to all 3 scores with full membership). After the free trial period, you will be automatically charged $17.95, so don’t forget to cancel unless you want to keep using their credit monitoring services. If you want to view your complete credit report right off the bat, you will need to pay $1.

Benefits of include:

  • Instant access to your TransUnion credit score, and your credit report for only $1Free Credit Score
  • Monthly membership fee of $17.95 for their credit monitoring services, which includes credit alerts and credit analysis
  • Free 7-day trial

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