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How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day on a Budget

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day on a Budget

When you decide to take control of your finances and stick to a budget, special events like Valentine’s Day might make you nervous. A holiday that is infamous for lavish gifts and pulling out all the stops for the one you love surely doesn’t have a place in your budget, right?

If you’ve been one to go all out on Valentine’s Day in the past, it might seem impossible to enjoy it when your finances are restricted. Of course if you’re using Valentine’s Day to propose or do want to go the extra mile for someone special, you can still do so without going into debt.

But if you follow these steps and get a little creative, you can still enjoy a romantic Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank and without coming off cheap.

Dinner & Movie Variations

The cost of movie tickets and concessions in addition to a nice dinner bill can leave a pretty big dent in your bank account at the end of the day. So instead of going with the stereotypical date, switch it up and host your own dinner and a movie.

Making your own meal doesn’t have to be difficult to be nice; simply find a recipe for some delicious chicken paired with some pasta, make a simple salad and find a nice, affordable bottle of wine and call it good. Your date will be impressed with your creativity and your cooking skills. And the privacy of your own home might allow for deeper conversation than surrounded by your fellow movie-goers.

Road trip

Often the best memories are created when we least expect it. Incorporate this idea into your Valentine’s Day and “plan” a road trip with no set destination. Of course you’ll have to purchase gas and probably some snacks, but allowing yourselves to stop anytime or take any turn will ignite that exciting, adventurous feeling and make for a day you’ll always remember. Don’t forget your camera!

Enjoy the great outdoors

If the weather permits, get outside! A scenic hike, not too strenuous, followed by a picnic is a great way to spend time with someone you love on Valentine’s Day while avoiding the expensive commercialism. Plan it around the sunset by finding a destination with an incredible view, and you’ve found perhaps the most romantic ending to your Valentine’s Day you could’ve possibly found.

Window shop

If you have the self-control and your partner is on the budget wagon with you, have some imaginative fun dreaming up a spare-no-cost Valentine’s Day. Go to a jewelry store and ignore price tags, looking at and maybe even trying on your favorite pieces. Then head over to your favorite clothing store and try on a killer dress or tux that costs more than your car. Laugh and dream together as you play pretend, and then appreciate each other for the rational spenders you are.

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