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Frequently Asked Questions

Lexington Law Credit Repair

Where do you find the reviews on your website?

All reviews are compiled from a wide range of review websites. We don’t pick and choose reviews based on rating or stars—we just show you the information and let you decide.

Does Lexington Law look for people who are in financial distress to sign them up?

Lexington Law does not reach out to people, they call us. The firm is unaware of whether or not any client is in financial distress when they call us. Unless you are a current client receiving updates, a former client finishing your time with us, or an individual requesting information, Lexington Law will not contact you.

How can I tell if a review is from an actual customer?

It’s impossible to tell if any one review originated from a current or past client of Lexington Law. Some review websites have their own ways of verifying the identity of a reviewer, but each review must be taken with a grain of salt. Of course, there’s no reason to believe that the vast majority of these reviews are fake. It’s wise to use reviews as one factor among several to inform your buying decisions.

Does Lexington Law have actual lawyers?

Yes, Lexington Law Firm is a real law firm, with actual lawyers. You can read more about our lawyers, here.

Where can I find more information about Lexington Law?
You can visit their website, or call (855) 620-5875 for a free credit report consultation.
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