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Lexington Law is a credit repair company that boasts an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau, which speaks volumes to new clients. It lets potential clients know that they have been in business a long time… Licensed paralegals available 7 days a week.


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Tina G.

Lexington Law is the first to show me real proof of helping me get back on track with my credit. Helping get rid of a lot of creditors that wouldn’t remove themselves from my credit. It has helped me out tremendously. Thank you!

Angela M.

Lexington Law is the best, I’m a professional and had many negatives on my credit reports that they got removed for me.  I HIGHLY recommend them.


Ryan R.

I think the work went well. It took a few months, but saw a bunch of errors on my report get removed. It also let me know when there changes to my credit reports.

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Lexington Law Reviews
Average rating:  
 51 reviews
by Michael Gesner on Lexington Law Reviews

Why in the hell would I ever use Lexington Law? You guys are frauds and have a very negative history. My girlfriend used you guys, paid all this money and nothing was ever done for her. I know because in one year of payments, only one thing was removed out of many!

by Tony Hoggatts on Lexington Law Reviews

These people charging me $89.95 a month the few things they disputed,came right back on my credit report. In January I was trying to cancel my subscription and they waived February to keep me I have them another chance, they didnt achieve anything , I hired my good friend who repaors credit at a rapid speed in 45 days me and my wife credit score jumped 68-76pts. When I called today the lady I spoke with was crazy rude and tried ro charge me $75 when I had to tell her about her own company and transactions history, being charged already 3/8/20. She felt embarrassed, and instead of just apologizing she was rude and short.. I would not recommend anyone too this place I heard bad things about them but decided to try them myself and it was a waitsed of $300... They move like turtles so they can rack up on monthly charges..

by Angela bremer on Lexington Law Reviews

Lexington law, since first call i recieved from them has been 100% positive. They contacted every collector on my report and after 2 months my credit was 535 got up to 676. I qualified for creditcards to up score. And connected thru downloaded app for advice and to explain what why and when questions and ray explained everything in detail. Im well on my way to possibly buying 1st home. Thank god..last december i was facing living in car with 3 kids (my big doggies) which they would love. Going bye bye is there favorite thing in life. Lol. LEXINGTON LAW IS THE REAL DEAL.

by Cynthia on Lexington Law Reviews

So far so good!

by Max on Lexington Law Reviews

Lexington Law has been so helpful and understanding. If you haven't looked into the, you need to!

by Susan on Lexington Law Reviews

Thanks so much for helping me rebuild my credit!

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Working with Lexington Law

The fact that Lexington Law doesn’t offer a guarantee that your credit score will improve actually points to their honesty. It’s true—sometimes negatives on your credit score are completely legitimate and can’t be removed by any extraordinary measures. Everyone’s situation is different, and so you should always go in with realistic expectations.

The real value of Lexington Law comes from their expertise as a law firm. If they can find a legitimate way to improve your score, they will. Many times it’s something you could have done yourself, but do you have the time and energy to do all the necessary research and follow up necessary?

In reality, you won’t be able to find a more established and respected credit repair company. At over 20 years in business, they have a long track history of resolving credit issues for their clients. And it’s free to get an initial consultation and review of your credit summary—which is conducted over the phone with a paralegal.

Common Complaints

A large amount of negative reviews exist for Lexington Law. Some of the most common complaints include:

  • Pushy sales tactics
  • Billing issues
  • Failure to honor service estimates

The sheer volume of complaints can be daunting—but Lexington Law has worked hard to resolve every single complaint. For example, the Better Business Bureau has received 541 complaints since 2010 regarding Lexington Law. Lexington Law responded to every complaint, sometimes with very detailed responses and often offering refunds. Of the 541 complaints, 526 were resolved to the satisfaction of the client.

It’s easy to ignore the thousands of anonymous clients who have benefited from Lexington Law’s services when a few disgruntled customers are so vocal in expressing their dissatisfaction. But even unhappy customers deserve to be heard, and Lexington Law has gone to great efforts to address their concerns.

When Lexington Law Can Help the Most
  • If your credit report contains discrepancies and inaccuracies (i.e. legitimate errors), then you deserve to have them removed and Lexington Law may be able to help radically improve your score.
  • If your credit report is suffering from some poor choices you made in the past, Lexington Law may be able to help—but don’t expect dramatic improvements.
How to Have a Better Experience with Lexington Law

As long as you have realistic expectations going in, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t benefit from Lexington Law’s services. Do your research, take advantage of the free consultation, and if you decide that you don’t need to hire Lexington Law, then that’s OK.

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